Scott is ten when the Hale house burns down with eleven people in it. He doesn’t know anything about it really, he’s eight after all, and his mom tries to shield him from the worst of the world after his dad. In fact, he’s pretty sure that the Hale house fire has absolutely nothing to do with him. 

He’s wrong. 


Scott is eleven with his mother goes on her first date since his dad. He’s happy for her, because she looks pretty and she’s smiling, something she hasn’t done in a really long time. 

Peter comes to the door with flowers and Scott’s babysitters in tow. His mom loves the flowers and fusses over them and tries to find a vase while Laura crouches down next to him and gives him a smile. “I’m Laura,” she says, holding out her hand for him to shake. There’s a dark haired boy behind her, scowling at Scott, but Scott shakes her hand anyways. 

"That’s Derek," Laura says, seeing where Scott’s eyes are going. "He’s my little brother." 

His mom walks back into the living room then, and pulls Scott into a hug. “Be good for Laura and Derek, okay?” she asks, and then starts her spiel about her cell phone number, and the sheriff being on the house’s speed dial if there are problems. 

Laura tries to engage Scott in conversation, but Derek just broods in Scott’s dad’s old chair. Scott tries really hard not to see the parallels there, but Laura is really nice, and time flies bye until its time for bed, because its still a school night. Laura makes sure he’s brushed his teeth and is in bed and she hesitates before turning off the light. 

"Do you wanna hear a story?" Laura asks with a small smile. 

Scott’s mom stopped telling him stories a long time ago, and his dad never did, but Scott nods anyways. 

Laura’s smile brightens and she tells him a story about a boy that runs with wolves and never leaves when the going gets tough, he just stands up tall and gets tougher. Scott smiles at the end of the story and drowsily closes his eyes. 


Peter, Laura and Derek soon become a permanent fixture in his life, slipping into the hole his dad left in his mom’s heart and they fix the smile he took with him. 

Stiles gets to meet them after the third date, he just barges into the house like he owns it and Derek nearly jumps off the couch where he and Scott were tentatively watching baseball. Scott runs over to Stiles and tugs him over to the couch. “Derek this is my best friend Stiles,” he says, showing his friend off like its show and tell. 

Stiles looks at Derek susupiciously, and looks at Scott in confusion. “They’re Peter’s,” he tells Stiles and Stiles relaxes. “I was wondering how you got a high school kid to hang out with you,” Stiles says and Derek actually smirks at that. 

Laura sticks her head out of the kitchen and doesn’t seem surprised to see Stiles. “Stiles do you like Macaroni Casserole?” she asks. Its the only thing Laura knows how to make, Scott’s a little tired of it, and Derek is too by the way he rolls his eyes when she asks Stiles. 

Stiles scoffs, “Do I like Macaroni Casserole, she asks, of course I do!” he bounces on his toes a bit. 

"Anywaysss," Stiles says, grabbing Scott’s hand and pulling him over to the dinner table. "I got the new Batman comic today," he tells Scott. "Dad said I could come over," he says with a smile. 

Scott smiles back and his eyes flicker over to Derek, who is watching them with a curious look on his face. Maybe he likes Batman, Scott thinks, but is too shy to ask. 


The wedding is in the middle of the summer. Scott hates his suit, it itches and its hot and he doesn’t like ties at all. He’s thankful that they didn’t want a long wedding, neither of them are interested in ceremony, but his mom looks really pretty in her dress. Laura is a bridesmaid and Derek and Scott are Peter’s groomsmen. 

He’s thankful that he gets to take his jacket off and undo his tie at the reception, until his mom pulls him in for a mother son dance. After that he gets to dance with Laura, and that’s more fun. 

Stiles and Derek are sitting next to each other at a table, Derek looking out at the people dancing and Stiles babbling while his dad dances with Scott’s mom before passing her back to Peter. Scott sighs and flops down next to Stiles. 


Werewolves are real, Scott discovers after the honeymoon is over. He’s been living with werewolves. Suddenly all those time’s he bothered Derek for a ride to get ice scream scare him to death. What if werewolves can’t have chocolate and that’s why he said no? 

He blurts it out to Stiles once, unable to help himself and Stiles laughs himself silly and then says that Derek’s eyebrows are really bushy for a human. 

Really though, having a sister and brother that are werewolves aren’t really any different than having siblings that aren’t werewolves. Derek and Laura fight over the remote, tumbling over the couch and onto the ground all the time, even if Laura is what Peter said is an Alpha, apparently it doesn’t matter much for Derek and Laura. All three of them fight over the use of the shared bathroom, Laura takes forever in the mornings. He’s pretty sure this is what family is supposed to do, even werewolf families. 


Soon Laura is off to college though, with a stern warning to Derek about being careful and babbling about how she’ll be back every weekend and how she’ll miss them all, even Scott. 

Stiles comes over a lot more, and it fills the space she leaves during the weekends she can’t come home. Derek sits in the living room with them, he says he’s babysitting, but Scott thinks he’s lonely with out his sister there. After all, Stiles talks so much you could never be lonely with him in the room. 

The only thing Stiles isn’t allowed to talk about is Lydia, because that annoys Derek for some reason that neither Stiles nor Scott is sure of. 


When he tells Laura about the embargo on talk about Lydia, she just laughs and laughs and laughs and wont tell him why. 


Peter isn’t any help either, he just raises an eyebrow at Derek and asks Derek pointed questions that fly right over Scott’s head and annoy Derek until he’s growling. 


Derek picks them up from school when school starts again. Stiles dad starts to pick up more shifts the closer it gets to October, and Stiles always gets quiet. Stiles spends more of his time at Scott’s house. Stiles is so visibly sad that one day Derek breaks down and actually takes them to get ice cream. Stiles calls it the October Miracle from that point on, but Scott just thinks that Derek doesn’t want other people to be sad like he is. 

Stiles doesn’t care that Derek is a werewolf, he bothers him just like he bothers everyone else, asks him questions about his claws, if he has fur, what it feels like, if he can turn into a real wolf or not. Derek stays silent and gives grunts for answers, but it satisfies Stiles. 


They’re thirteen when Derek graduates. That summer feels suffocating to Scott. Derek has become more of a fixture of the house than Laura even did. Derek fits into his life between Stiles and his mom and loosing him to college hurts more than he thought it would. Stiles seems to share his feelings and clings to Derek more than Scott over the summer. Derek seems resigned to his fate. He growls a lot, but there’s no bite to them. If Scott looks hard enough he would see that Derek doesn’t want to leave either. 

Stiles gets a phone when he’s fourteen and Scott manages to get one too. Derek isn’t the sort to send a lot of text messages, but Stiles manages to annoy him into sending daily updates, something his mom hasn’t been able to do. 

It feels like his brother is stealing his best friend. Or maybe his best friend is stealing his brother. 


The feeling evaporates when Derek is actually home on vacation after a year of staying away. Scott is scribbling away, doing his homework when he hears Stiles slam the door to the front of the house and practically throw himself up the stairs. Scott sighs and looks at his homework, figuring it wont get finished tonight and then blinks when the pounding feet continue past his door and down the hall to Derek’s room. 

He opens his door in confusion just in time to see Stiles tackle Derek to the ground, or at least try too. Instead, Derek just snorts and twirls them around. Scott feels like he’s watching his mom and Peter kiss when Stiles ducks his head onto Derek’s shoulder and wraps his legs around Derek’s waist. 

"You didn’t come home for a year you doofus, I missed you," Stiles says, his voice clear and bright, he’s too exited to be quiet. 

The funny thing is Derek doesn’t shove him to the ground, or growl, or any of the things he would do if it was Scott clinging to him like that, instead Derek just buries his face into Stiles’ neck and says he missed him back. 

"I wasn’t sure if you’d ever come back," Stiles says, this time its quieter, more like a confession. Scott thinks he should close his door but he’s glued to this spot. 

"Always come back," Derek said, his voice almost muffled by Stiles’ body. 


"Always come back to you." 

It hits him then, that Derek’s in love with Stiles. That Stiles is the only non family member that Derek’s ever been able to tolerate and the only adult that Derek is even remotely polite to is Stiles’ dad and he doesn’t think it has anything to do with the fact that he’s the sheriff anymore. 

He closes the door when Stiles looks up at Derek in surprise and Derek just kisses him. He really doesn’t need to see that. He pauses when Stiles’ moans reach his door, he really doesn’t wanna hear it either. “Can you guys like, at least be quiet about it?” Scott asks, sticking his head out of the door. “I really don’t wanna hear my brother and my best friend doing anything, like at all.” 


He’s just happy that everyone in his family is happy. (As long as he doesn’t know HOW happy, he’s good.)